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Here at Millenium Motorcycles our Service and Parts department cover all the major brands such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Royal Enfield. We stock a large number of parts for major bike brands and we can quickly acquire any part from the official manufacturer. We also service and repair many budget brands such as Hanway, Sym, Benelli, Daelim, Keeway and Hyosung. Motorcycle dealers in the Moto GB group such as ourselves have the facility to order official parts for all these bike brands which are swiftly dispatched. We also have the option to send these parts for delivery if collection is not as suitable.

The Service and Parts team at Millenium are specialists for performance motorcycles parts. We can order many different types of high performance parts including performance exhausts, levers and crash protectors along with other parts. We retail the key performance brands such as Akrapovic, Yoshimura, ASV, R&G, K&N and more.

Our qualified technicians can undertake servicing and repairs for all makes of motorcycles/scooters using genuine parts. Our technicians are also able to perform MOT’s onsite along with servicing bikes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need us to undertake extensive work as we have highly trained technicians certified by the bike manufactures.

We also offer a tyre fitting service and supply all the main brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Maxxis, Dunlop & Avon. We guarantee to have a tyre to suit at a very competitive price.

Motorbike MOT Checklist

This motorbike MOT checklist is only for solo motorbikes. If your motorbike has a sidecar fitted separate regulations will apply, so contact Millenium motorcyles directly where our specialists will be available to offer further guidance.

It is important to bear in mind that the purpose of the motorbike MOT test is to check that the components of your vehicle meet legal requirements. This test does not cover the condition of your vehicle and engine. It is essential to undertake regular motorbike servicing to keep it in good condition.

What is tested?

Motorbike MOT Checklist

Wheels and Tyres

A large number of motorcycle MOT tests are failed every year due to the condition of the tyres. You can check your tyres and wheels easily at home before the MOT test and replace them if necessary. To pass the MOT test you will need to make sure:

  • Tyres are compatible with your motorbike, are the correct size and are suitable to drive on road
  • They are in good condition and do not display signs of damage
  • Tyre tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1mm
  • Wheel bearings are not worn
  • Wheels are correctly aligned
  • Cast wheels are secure and free from cracks
  • Spoked wheels do not contain broken, corroded, loose or bent spokes


Brakes are vital for your safety on the road and so they will be tested rigorously during the MOT test. The following aspects of the braking system will be checked:

  • The condition of brake hoses
  • The fitment and condition of disc brakes
  • Brake pads and shoes will be checked for wear
  • ABS warning lights

Steering and Suspension

During the motorbike MOT test, steering and suspension systems will be checked to ensure that your vehicle can be safely driven. These steering and suspension components will be checked:

  • The handlebars and grips are secure
  • Head bearings are secured tightly and enable the steering to move freely with no play
  • When the front wheel is raised off the ground, the handlebar must not hit or foul the tank when the steering is fully turned lock to lock
  • The suspension system will be checked for oil leaks, condition and wear


Almost 50% of motorbike MOT fails are due to defective lights, which is the easiest component of your vehicle to remedy. To give yourself a better chance of passing your MOT test, check your lights for the following:

  • All lights work on both the main and dip beam setting and hazard
  • Headlights and tail lights are free from damage such as chips and cracks
  • Headlights are correctly positioned and the right colour
  • A red reflector is securely fitted on the rear of your motorcycle

Exhaust System

The condition of your exhaust system will be checked during the MOT test and it will also be inspected for noise emissions. The following checks to the exhaust will be made:

  • The exhaust system is free from holes and leaks
  • All exhaust components are secure
  • The decibel level emitted by your exhaust is not too loud
  • Any replacement units fitted to your motorbike have the BSAU 193 stamp (unless the motorbike is registered before 01/01/85)


The frame of the motorcycle needs to be examined to ensure that it is in good condition to keep you safe on the road. Checks to the frame of the vehicle will include:

  • There are no signs of rusting or corrosion
  • It is free from cracks and other signs of damage

Further Checks...

Before your motorcycle MOT test you may also wish to check the following:

  • The chain of your motorbike is free from excessive slack, is well oiled and in good condition
  • Footrests have an anti-slip surface fitted to them
  • The horn emits a continuous tone at a reasonable volume
  • Any seats are securely attached
  • Registration plates are present and legal

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For further information regarding motorbike MOT testing, contact Millenium Motorcycles St Helens where our specialists will be happy to provide further guidance.