Direct Access

The Direct Access Scheme (D.A.S) allows riders aged twenty-four or over to take a test on a large motorcycle. Allowing them upon passing the test to ride any motorcycle without restrictions. You must complete C.B.T first of all , our training is based around the lesson by lesson approach. So we don't train to a set amount of hours, this means it's the right amount of time you need as an individual to be ready for your tests.

All learners must take a motorcycle theory test and take 2 x practical tests ( module 1 and 2) on a motorcycle of at least 40 Kwh (54 Bhp). We use 600cc bikes, which are more than ample for this task.

Our training courses are quite flexible in approach and we run training courses seven days a week. You can run your course over weekends to fit it in around work. Alternatively, book some time off and train with us during the week or even during your holidays. To discuss your specific requirements contact us or give us a call or use the contact us section of our website and we will be more than happy to give you a call with any information you may need.

Module One

This module is conducted at the D.S.A MPTC (multi purpose test centre) This test can be booked by our staff for you if you require, but can be booked by yourself if so wish.The test takes an average of 8 to 12 mins to complete, but you are under no pressure to rush through the test by the examiner.

Various slow speed and higher speed manoeuvres make up the mod one test, and our instructors will guide you through and give you ample time to practice this test at one of the local D.S.A test centres using the same equipment as the actual practical test itself.

Module Two

This module consists of a 38 to 40 min road ride whilst being followed by a D.S.A Examiner who will assess you riding ability.You will of course by this stage be fully acquainted with the test requirements as our instructors would have taught you the requirements and skills to obtain your full motorcycle licence entitlement.

There are various test routes around the st helens area, and our instructors will guide you around some of the most popular, but please remember that you will be trained to navigate ANY road , not just a test route.We train you to ride safely first, then how to pass a test, so your training could involve riding upto a 15mile radius from base to include many road and traffic situations.There is no substitute for experience.

Please remeber ,you will need all your driving documents for every lesson and also for your test days.